Surgical tool maker specifies Willemin-Macodel machining centres

A jaw set machined by Surgical Innovations using Willemin-Macodel 408B bar-fed machining centresHK Technologies has supplied two Willemin-Macodel 408B bar-fed machining centres and an Objet Alaris desktop 3D rapid prototyping machine to medical device manufacturer, Surgical Innovations, enabling the company to bring its manufacturing process in-house so that it can monitor part quality, cost and deliveries.

Used to machine sets of jaws for laparoscopic instrument systems, the Willemin-Macodel bar-fed machining centres are designed to offer static and dynamic rigidity while minimising heat variations, which it is said, ensures accurate machining and surface finish.

Willemin-Macodel machines are manufactured to allow six sides to be machined when milling or turning from bar stock and can be equipped with a back-working unit, complete with vice, or a multi-position back-working turret that manages a counter-spindle, a vice and a tailstock.

Commenting on the performance of the new equipment, Surgical Innovations’ Manufacturing Director, Paul Birtles, said: “In some instances we have reduced cycle times by two-thirds of what our previous subcontract supplier could achieve. On average I would estimate we have taken around €8 out of piece-part cost, ensuring rapid payback on our investment…”

The Willemin-Macodel machines are used in operations at Surgical Innovations including: turning; end milling; drilling; spot-drilling; slit sawing; and chamfering.

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