Trumpf’s record open-house

Published on Thu 21 Apr 2011

Over 300 hundred people attended Trumpf’s In-Tech open house, the highest attendance ever recorded, and during the three day event £5m of orders were received.

With the addition of the In-Tech orders, March will be Trumpf’s highest earnings month ever. March 2011 order intake is 50% up on last year, and the company is also on target to record the financial year 2010 - 2011 as its best yet. “Our success is indicative of how well our customers are doing,” explains Technical Director, Scott Simpson. “Many are near to maximum production and they are investing in new manufacturing technology to support this upturn.”  Exports are especially strong for many customers.

During the three day event £5m of orders were received for machines spanning a range of technologiesTrumpf has  witnessed unprecedented demand for new machines and its expanded services. Also, since formalising a co-operation with Severn Manufacturing Systems, the specialist in the refurbishment of second hand Trumpf machines, Trumpf has directly sold 20 units; this initiative has already contributed more than £2.5m to turnover. Additionally, staff levels at Trumpf UK are at an all time high and the company has confirmed that it has taken on another two apprentices.  Also, as well as the £300k already invested in the Luton facility, a further £100k has been allocated in the next financial year for more work to be undertaken; top of the list is the development of training suites.

During the three day event £5m of orders were received for machines spanning a range of technologies


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