ETG now offers Feeler range of machines from Fair Friend Group

Published on Tue 16 Aug 2011
Channels: Machining

Feeler’s VMP23A APC linear guide vertical machining centre with automatic pallet changerIn a new venture, The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is now offering the Fair Friend Group's Feeler range of machines, including drill-tap centres, vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres, 5-axis vertical machining centres and long bed milling machines.

ETG is offering the Feeler machines as standalone units or as part of a turnkey system.

“Whereas in the past the benefits of turnkey systems have been the preserve of larger OEMs and specialist manufacturers, they are now available to small and medium-sized manufacturers and subcontractors,” says ETG chairman Paul Rhodes.

Feeler aims to maintain low assembly costs and a large production volume to allow it to provide its machinery at competitive prices.

This in turn allows Feeler to design its machines using components including linear guides, ball screws, CNC, motor packages and linear scales, from major German and Japanese suppliers.

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