GF AgieCharmilles expands its wire EDM machine range

The CUT 300 wire EDM machine tool from GF AgieCharmillesGF AgieCharmilles expanded its range of wire EDM machine tools with the introduction of 3 new models – Cut 200, Cut 300 and Cut 400.

The new machines replace the CleanCut range of wire EDM machines from GF AgieCharmilles.

All machines have a cutting speed up to 500mm2/min and feature Econotec technology, which is designed to reduce part cycle times by using large (and cheaper) 0.3mm diameter wires for rough cutting.

This is said to result in ‘faster’cutting, a reduction in the number of passes required to produce a part, and lower consumable costs.

Other smart functions appearing on Cut 200, Cut 300 and Cut 400 include ICP (Integrated Collision Protection) and Econowatt.

The 3 machines are equipped with ICP on their X-, Y-, U- and V-axes, which is intended to allow users to achieve and maintain rapid rates of 3m/min with the knowledge that, should a collision occur, ICP will absorb the energy of the collision, eliminating potential damage to the machine and/or workpiece.

Econowatt allows users to switch machines to ‘sleep mode’ automatically once machining operations have been completed, reducing power consumption when the machine is idle.

This is particularly useful for manufacturers who run machines over night and over weekends.

Automatic wire thread/re-thread capability is said to have reduced threading cycle times to 15 seconds from spark-to-spark instead of 40 seconds plus.

Productivity and efficiency is thought to be boosted by fast measuring cycles (3-point set-up); filling and/or emptying of the work tank (30 seconds) and the detection of ‘missing’ guide holes and automatic movement to the next guide hole, which previously would have caused the machine to stop.

The new machines include Power-Expert and Surface-Expert, expanding their technology ‘software’ databases.

Power-Expert is designed to optimise the power required for roughing operations, while Surface-Expert ensures homogenous surface finishes are produced during finishing operations, irrespective of a part’s shape or features.

The new machines retain certain technology that characterised previous CleanCut models, including the Cut 200/300 and 400’s digital CC generator, which delivers cutting speeds up to 500mm2/min and is designed for machining a diverse range of materials to exacting standards and finishes (Ra 0.1µm).