Three new styles of insert for CoroMill 16 exchangeable head cutter

Published on Wed 19 Oct 2011
Feature Type: Workholding

On 1 October, cutting tool and tooling system specialist, Sandvik Coromant, will launch three brand new insert styles for its innovative CoroMill 316 exchangeable head end mill system. The new designs, each with two cutting edges, offer maximum strength and security to help overcome the most challenging of milling problems. The new inserts extend the depth of cut for the CoroMill 316 range to 0.8 x Dc.

The range comprises a ballnose insert equipped with a strong cutting edge for typical machine shop tasks such as profile milling, aluminium machining and finishing. Next up is a corner radius insert for slot milling, shoulder milling, plunge milling, face milling, ramping and pocketing. This offers particularly excellent chip evacuation performance when slot milling. Finally there is a chamfer insert for chamfer milling of different angles - it also provides optimized spot drilling capability.

The CoroMill 316 system of exchangeable end mills are connected to tool shank by a unique threaded coupling which combines high strength with guaranteed accuracy. The tool is based on CoroMill Plura geometries and is available in Sandvik Coromant's latest PVD grades.




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