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Published on Tue 22 Apr 2014
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Heidenhain will be showing two of its most recently launched products at the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart  6 – 9 May Heidenhain: the high-performance LIP 200 encoder; and the MSE 1000 modular connection system.

These will be complemented at the show by an array of digital readouts for metrology applications, as well as length gauges and the IK5000 PC interface card.

The LIP 200 is said to be the world’s first exposed linear encoder that combines two factors that were previously exclusive – that of a very small signal period  -512nm - and high traversing speed of 3m/sec.

Boasting high stability and interpolation accuracy, plus very low position noise, the LIP 200 features a precise reproducible reference mark regardless of the direction of travel over a measuring length up to 3040mm.

Its use is targeted at high-performance applications where speed, stability and position are critical – such as in semiconductor production, the manufacture of flat–panel displays and high precision equipment used in the metrology sector.

The LIP 200 has a reference mark positioned to the centre of the scale between two parallel incremental tracks, enabling the reflected light method of scanning to precisely fall on each.  This enables the grating period to be cut by a quarter, to 2.048microns, and a signal period of just 0.512microns to permit an optical compensation of the Moiré rotation, which helps to provide a greater tolerance for mounting.

The Optodur phase grating measuring standard is on Zerodur glass ceramic. This has the advantage that any contamination of the exposed scale can be easily cleaned off.

There is a lower speed version, designated LIP 281R, which has a maximum traversing speed of 1.5m/sec and a scanning frequency of 3MHz.

Also being showcased on the stand, the MSE 1000 modular connection system is a versatile and cost-effective solution to a wide range of simple and complex analogue and digital measurement applications.

Enabling fast and flexible Ethernet-to-PC connection for up to 250 axes/data channels, MSE 1000 can be installed as a series of modules for configuration to specific needs covering, for example, temperature and pressure, sorting switches, warning lamps and PLCs. Acquired data can be communicated to subsequent devices via the industry standard Ethernet interface.

MSE 1000 modules can be easily mounted on a standard rail or mounting bracket, and each module plugs into one other and is fixed with a lock, which also connects the internal bus and the power supply. MSE 1000 is also suitable for a 19in housing.


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