Automotive exhaust manufacturer moves to larger factory

An Oxfordshire specialist automotive exhaust manufacturer has moved to larger factory.

Formula One and supercar exhaust manufacturer Primary Designs is moving to a new and larger factory in Thame.

In a statement, Primary Designs said: ‘We had outgrown our previous facility due to the demands of modern F1 teams and investment in new technology that would not have been possible without making the move to new premises.’

According to founder Pat Barrett, formerly an engineer at the Williams F1 team, the new factory and enlarged workforce, up by 25 per cent in the last 12 months, will help offset seasonal demands associated with motor sport. This includes more work in the aerospace sector where it is hoped that Primary Designs’ ability to weld specialised alloys will come to the fore.

He added: ‘The factory is designed to be flexible; anything from a one-off system to significantly higher volumes can be accommodated.’

Primary Designs could offer other subcontract services such as surface-finishing processes and measuring technologies that enable companies from any industry to use F1-grade equipment on an ad-hoc basis. ‘We had to invest in the highest standards of equipment for Formula One.’ said Barrett. ‘We plan to offer such services in the coming months.’

The company has also developed a Supercar Range of exhausts for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin vehicles. The Primary Designs package typically incorporates the exhaust manifolds, uprated turbos (where applicable) and high-flow German-manufactured HJS sports catalysts and sports silencers, which are often ceramic coated using one of the many colour options offered by Zircotec.